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Wouldn't it be nice~
01 November 2017 @ 03:53 pm
 Title                      : SS san and the confusion
Disclaimer           : JE
Rating                  : G
Genre                   : (maybe) Angst, Friendship
Pairing                 : OT5, Sakurai Sho x OC
A/N                      : Inspired by Sakurai Sho’s issue toward the fans ... Part 1

"Sho chan is not coming yet?"Collapse )
Wouldn't it be nice~
20 October 2016 @ 02:57 pm
Title                      : It’s my turn
Disclaimer           : JE
Rating                   : G
Genre                   : Romance, light Angst (unbetaed)
Pairing                  : Sakurai Sho x Ninomiya Kazunari
A/n                        : Inspired by Sakurai Sho’s new drama SP (Kimi ni sasageru Emblem

I could assure my self that you’re here with me safelyCollapse )

PS : First fanfic of my lovely OTP, SAKUMIYA . Congratulate me!! I wrote in rush before the idea vanished from my brain. Bad English, error grammars.
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Wouldn't it be nice~
19 October 2016 @ 03:53 pm
Title                     : SS san and his (not supposed to be) fan
Disclaimer          : JE
Rating                 : G
Genre                  : (maybe) Fluff - Angst
Pairing                 : Sakurai Sho x OC
A/N                      : Inspired by Sakurai Sho’s issues toward the fans. Unbeta.

can I confess to you first...Collapse )

PS :
Finally, I posted it. No confidence at all honestly. Just saying~
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Wouldn't it be nice~
事が起きれば自力が出る  システムが壊れたら人間力しかない

The power of kepepetと呼ばれて、そう信じていますCollapse )

Citra (2014/12/11)
Wouldn't it be nice~
25 May 2016 @ 07:32 am
Been long time since last updated and made any fanpic or screen capture from any related Arashi.
(Should change my icons soon, it's already too old.)

Thanks to my friend,finally I did something after long time. She has no time to watch/download latest Arashi pv yet due to workload. My otp is not Ohmiya, nor ohchan my ichiban, but hers. Enjoy it tough. I love arashi after all in any kind of pair/member ai.

From the 2 latest of pv and making, I prefer daylight for song. Shorap absolutely and more dinamic. However, I seek pv is really nice! Kinda new concept for them, I think.Sakuraiba in the kitchen scene and their laugh, ohh god! More yeah more.. I haven't listened the coupling song. This weekend to do list.

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Wouldn't it be nice~
10 May 2015 @ 02:56 am
“Aira, nanti ulangan bahasa Jepang?” Tanya Ika.Collapse )

Aichitra 19/11/2007
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Wouldn't it be nice~
20 April 2015 @ 04:15 am
Hingga detik ini aku masih di JakartaCollapse )

Aichitra 23/09/2008
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